A good start

Quelle surprise – today brought a Twitter-baiting editorial from The Australian (link intentionally omitted):

TWITTER has become the dunny-door graffiti of the digital age, adding precisely nothing to the sum of human knowledge.

This week, as always, unattributed commentary scrolled across our screens as John Howard answered audience questions on Q & A. Supporters see it as democracy in action, but the ABC would be better off leaving viewers with a blank space than dignifiying this gratuitous feedback.

Too right: let’s stamp out unattributed commentary, and evangelise the wisdom of leaving blank space instead of letting morons scrawl on digital dunny doors. Next stop in the crusade against pseudonymous incivility should be the comment threads here.

UPDATE: One more thing: I can only assume that Sally Jackson’s weekly column on Twitter in the Australian’s Media section will be discontinued forthwith.