9 ways to fix up your house on a budget

Are you in the market for a new home, but not quite ready to take the plunge?

Or maybe you’re just looking for ways to update your current home without spending a fortune.

Either way, check out these 9 ways to fix up your house on a budget!

From simple changes like painting your walls or swapping out your light fixtures, to bigger projects like renovating your kitchen or bathroom, there’s something here for everyone.

So get started today and give your home the facelift it deserves!

Who doesn’t want to live in a nice clean house?

Well, if you’re like me and many of my friends, your house is always a mess.

It’s hard to keep up on everything with work and school and spending time with the family.

My kids especially make it difficult to keep things tidy.

They seem to be under the impression that we need more toys.

When I talk about wanting a clean home with friends they look at me as if they don’t understand what I’m saying.

“I just refuse to let my life revolve around keeping the house neat,” says one friend whom I cannot stand looking at because he has old pizza slices stacked next to his bed for some reason.

I am not sure what he means by that, but it makes me feel very uncomfortable.

It’s just so difficult to keep up on everything.

We spend our time trying to get organized, but then we always find ourselves back at square one in a couple of weeks because something new comes along and messes everything up again.

I’ve been meaning to talk with my boss about having the company send us a maid service once a week for when we want things cleaned up, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet.

In any case, if you’re looking for ways to improve your home without breaking the bank you should check out these 9 tips!

I know they worked wonders in my house and hopefully, they will do the same for you!

1. Paint your walls.

Paint is expensive, but it is one of the best ways to spruce up a drab room and add some color to your life.

You can also use paint as a way to hide damage on the wall or just give an old room a fresh new look.

There are so many different colors available that there really isn’t any excuse not to find something that works for you.

2. Re-tile your bathroom floor or tub surround.

If you don’t have the money right now to change out your entire bathroom then consider re-tiling the floor in your existing bathroom or re-tiling around your bathtub instead of having it replaced completely.

It is a much cheaper alternative.

3. Update your light fixtures.

Lighting is one of the most important features in any home, but people often forget to consider updating their existing light fixtures when they are planning on renovations for their homes.

If you have old brass or gold lamps throughout your house it might be time to switch them out with something more modern and stylish like chrome or brushed silver.

You can even find some great deals at yard sales or flea markets on old lighting that you can restore yourself!

4. Clean your carpets/upgrade flooring for cheap!

I never would have thought that I could replace my carpet with ceramic tiles because of the price difference until I was browsing through a home decor magazine and saw a feature on an apartment that did just this.

They looked so nice and clean I actually couldn’t tell the difference between the ceramic tiles and my old carpet.

Maybe it was because they were white, but if you can find something that bright in your home to replace your carpet with then you more than likely will not be able to tell the difference either.

5. Paint your ceilings too!

I remember looking for central coast electrical contractor, as this was more than a decade ago, and I am so glad that Gawker is willing to publish articles on how to fix things.

Painting your ceiling is something that most people don’t think about until they take down their curtains or blinds one day and realize how drab their rooms look now that all they see are plain white or off-white walls.

Paint both your walls AND ceiling for maximum impact and to give your home a fresh new look.

6. Add artwork and plants!

If you’re like me you’re probably sick of looking at the same old photos on the walls or cheap prints that came with your frames.

Even if you can’t afford expensive art pieces, there are plenty of places online where you can order cheap (but nice) reproductions of famous paintings for under $10 each.

You can also find free images online that you can print out on heavy paper and then frame yourself that way it’s not as much of an expense as buying art from a store would be.

Don’t forget to check out garage sales and flea markets for some unique finds on plants and vases either!

7. Add new molding to your rooms.

Replace all of the baseboards and door and window moldings in your house with something more stylish like oak or whitewash for a simple but amazing transformation to your home!

Molding is relatively cheap and you can find it at any local hardware store once you know what style you’re looking for.

8. Get rid of clutter!

If there was ONE thing that I wished I had done when we were renovating our kitchen then it would be to get rid of all of the clutter that we had stored up in there before we started working on it.

Clutter makes a room look smaller and messier than what it actually is so take some time after you finish renovating to get rid of whatever you don’t need anymore.

You can always donate it or take it to a secondhand store for some extra money if you’re short on cash.

9. Consider changing your floor plan completely!

When we were designing our kitchen I knew that I wanted my stove right by the window so that I could enjoy the view while cooking or doing dishes, but this meant that there wasn’t really anywhere else in the kitchen that had a good light source as well as being next to a window or door where people would be entering and exiting from often.